Hi-Level wasn’t a golf course until 1965. But before that, the land was Hess Farms, where Grandpa Ed had his dude ranch and antique museums and invited groups to have their outings here and ride the horses. Here are some of the scenes from 1958.

An early golfer standing where 3 green would be in seven years.

The field to the left of the road would become 1 fairway and to the right of the road would become 1 fairway on the 5-hole Beginner’s Course.

This illegal 5-some would be safe to play together for another seven years.

This would be in the area of today’s 7 tee.

Grandpa Ed, outstanding in his field.

Even in winter Grandpa Ed had events and activities for everyone. The building on the left is today’s Pro Shop.

Grandpa Ed with his animals and his Roadmaster.