What is FlingGolf?

FlingGolf is a sport that is easy to start and fun to master. You play on any golf course, but instead of hitting a golf ball with a club, you use a single New Swarm FlingStick® thrower to hurl the ball and shape every shot from tee to hole.

You can even play in the same foursome as traditional golfers. Just no argyle sweaters. You’re better than that.

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Regular green fees and cart fees apply.

Watch how FlingGolf is played!

Hi-Level Golf Course is introducing FlingGolf, a new, alternative way to enjoy golf courses, using a specially designed FlingStick from New Swarm Sports and a regulation golf ball. Instead of hitting the ball with a club, players use a single FlingStick to shape every shot from tee to hole.

FlingGolf can be played alongside regular golfers, making it appealing for beginners, families or frustrated golfers. The pace of play tends to be a bit faster than regular golf as there’s no need to switch clubs during the course of play.  The patented FlingStick is an all-in-one piece of equipment enabling players to fling the ball for distance and putt the ball for play on the green.

FlingGolf was created and is promoted by New Swarm Sports, based in Amesbury, Massachusetts. It is a sport in which members of all ages and athletic capabilities can engage and enjoy the course. And because it can be played alongside traditional golf, even in the same foursome, FlingGolf is bringing friends and families out to play together.

“We’re excited to bring FlingGolf to Hi-Level Golf Course this season and look forward to attracting players to the course. We have a variety of FlingSticks available for rental in our pro shop and will give beginners a few tips before they head out. And while picking up the sport is pretty easy to learn, throughout the season we will be providing some demo days and clinics on our range,” said Mindy Hess.

FlingGolf continues to grow in popularity on courses all over the world.  It’s easy to play and easy for course owners to implement as no course modification is needed.  Check out FlingGolf.com to find out more about the sport, learn some fling techniques and shop for the latest FlingSticks.

About New Swarm FlingGolf

New Swarm Sports is the creator of FlingGolf – a young sport played seamlessly on any golf course where players use the company’s patented FlingStick to hurl a golf ball and shape every shot from the tee box to the cup.  There are no changes necessary for course managers and PGA Pros, and being family-friendly, FlingGolf can be played in the same foursome as golfers. Having been played on over 1000 courses worldwide, FlingGolf is wooing another generation of players and offering additional sources of revenue to golf courses every day.  New Swarm’s FlingStick is revitalizing golf courses with a new generation of players, just as snowboarding revolutionized ski resorts in the 1990s.  To learn more, visit FlingGolf.com.

What is FlingGolf?

Spoiler Alert: FlingGolf isn’t about annoying rules. Seriously, go ahead and rip out half the pages of a regulation golf rule book. As if you even have one.

All you need is a New Swarm FlingStick and a regular golf ball. Just count your shots from tee to hole, like counting strokes in regular golf.