Happy birthday to a very important person to Hi-Level Golf Course. Not only was he our first employee in 1965 when the course began, but he has been a big help ever since we lost Grandpa and Dad-- his stories of the old days helped paint a picture of our history that we were too young to remember. And most important, he has helped identify a lot of people in the old slides and photos, people we wouldn't otherwise know. Plus, he has the distinction of having been Grandpa's campaign manager!

Thank you Gary Rex for all you did to help Dad and Grandpa to build Hi-Level Golf Course into what it is today. We all wish you a very Happy Birthday!

At our 50th anniversary celebration in 2015. Gary, our first employee, poses with our then-latest employee Darin Cochran.

Gary Rex, campaign manager.

Gary with some of his former co-workers at our 50th anniversary celebration in 2015. These are the people who helped Grandpa create his vision, Hi-Level Golf Course.