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Hi-Level, Where Golf Is MORE Fun!  

Featured in Golf Business Magazine, a publication of the National Golf Course Owners Association (NGCOA), Hi-Level Golf Course is a third-generation family business located in rural Western Pennsylvania. After 52 years in continuous ownership by the Hess family, the course retains its historic charm and design, while keeping up with the newest golf innovations. Hi-Level introduced Golf Boards f
or rent this year, and last year offered the more fitness-oriented players a complete Soccer Golf Course.   

Described as "laid-back," "well-maintained", "user-friendly", "the best greens in Eastern U.S.", Hi-Level was the first public 18-hole golf course in Clarion County. The course was constructed on the site of Fern City, an oil boom town with a population of 600 in 1885. In 1954, Edward Hess, a prominent oil and gas producer, and the current owners’ grandfather, purchased several tracts of rugged land. His main reason for the purchase was to improve the land in order to explore possible remaining oil reserves. Although not a golfer himself, Hess wanted to find out if others would enjoy playing the game on the newly developed land.

Hi-Level Developed from One Man’s Imagination into Local Favorite:  
Today's new additions echo founder Ed Hess’s original intention of building a course where golf was FUN. The fairways are wide, the roughs are kept short, and the greens are some of the best in the area.
“If you did a survey of the people in the area, I bet more than 90% have learned to play at Hi-Level,” says co-owner and manager Mindy Hess.
From oil field to farm to golf course, Hi-Level has emerged from one man’s imagination into a recreation facility enjoyed by thousands and operated by three generations of the Hess family.

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Hi-Level Golf Course is a third-generation family-owned and -operated public course in continuous operation since 1965.  The course accommodates both the expert golfer as well as the beginner. Hi-Level’s unusual history and natural beauty make it one of the most unique courses in the area.

Hi-Level was the first public golf course in Clarion County, constructed on the site of Fern City, an oil boom town with a population of 600 in 1885. The course was created by Edward Hess, a prominent oil and gas producer who purchased the land in 1954. Construction of the first nine was begun in 1963 and officially opened for business two years later. Nine more holes were added in 1967. A five-hole Beginner’s Course was added in 1970.

The course contains gently sloping fairways and Scottish-style contour greens. Co-founder Robert Hess says: “Our greens were built to go with the contour of the land. If a hill were in the place where we wanted a green, we would build the green on top of the hill. Later we added sand traps around the greens to make play more challenging. Some of our greens are immense, like the one on the third hole. Most of the greens on the front nine, though, are big and the distances small. This is because when the course was built, few people possessed those skills that golf demanded. The back nine reflects a more challenging environment. Many golfers learned on the front nine, then graduated to the more difficult back nine. This variety of distances and challenges offers something for golfers of every level.”

Hi-Level Pro Shop in the early 1960s       outside Hi-Level Pro Shop today

There is always a new reason to enjoy a day of golf and fun times with family and friends at Hi-Level Golf Course. Golf is the ideal way to enjoy the outdoors and the company of others. Reserve your next tee time by contacting the Pro Shop at (814) 797-1813.

For those of you who have been part of Hi-Level's journey for the past 50+ years, here are some memories you may enjoy.  E-mail us your pictures and stories and we will share them here.  







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