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(a.k.a. Soccer Golf)

Looking for a new way to celebrate your party, or a new interest for your physical education class?  

Hi-Level is the first course in Clarion County to offer footgolf.  The sport is a combination of golf and soccer, played under golf rules.  Players kick a regulation soccer ball from the tee box and try to put it in a 21-inch cup with as few strokes as possible.  

“We’re introducing the game of golf to new players in a much easier way with a soccer ball,” sayes Hi-Level manager and golf pro, Mindy Hess.  “It’s played under the same rules and etiquette of golf, but without the expense of golf equipment. It’s been really popular with teenagers, birthday parties, and local soccer teams.”

The course is shorter than a regular golf course, because most players cannot kick as far as they can hit a golf ball.  

The origins of footgolf are somewhat murky with no exact date of discovery.  However, the first championship tournament for the sport was held in the Netherlands in 2008.  

$6.00 for 9 holes and $3 for ball rental